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Looking for a top of the line experience with stage technology's coolest "toys"? Interested in creating "magic" behind the scenes? As a part of the Wisconsin Singers tech crew, you have the opportunity to train on state of the art sound and lighting equipment while practicing you craft in some of the most beautiful theaters across the nation. Our technical team of stage manager, lighting designer and sound engineer work closely to turn each Wisconsin Singers show into a seamless performance. It's an opportunity that you won't want to miss if you have any interest in backstage theater!

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Sound Engineer

  • Work with a state of the art digital sound and monitoring system
  • Opportunity to get experience in recording and editing audio as well as video

What kind of show is this from a sound design perspective?

  • Fast-paced revue-style show that require a strong sound design and good ear
  • New venue each show allows experience in different acoustical environments

What are some qualifications/experiences the Singers are looking for from a sound designer?

  • Experience with amplified sound is extremely helpful
  • A person that is excited to rise to the challenge of working with state of the art equipment and has the patient temperament and calm demeanor to handle such an extensive sound system

Lighting Designer

  • At beginning of season, Lighting Designer and the Stage Manager work together on aspects of production.
  • Designs a lighting plot that can go on the road with the Singers.
  • Fit the show to variety of venues (hanging, focusing and programming lighting systems and giving follow spot cues.)

What kind of show is this from a lighting design perspective?

  • The lighting design of a Singers show is "rock concert / Broadway revue" style
  • Develop a variety of skills by working with a professional traveling company in different venues

What are some qualifications/experiences the Singers are looking for from a lighting designer?

  • Prior experience of at lighting board system(s)
  • Worked with a range of lighting instruments
  • Hanging, focus, programming experience

Stage Manager

  • SM is a much broader experience than most theatrical crews involve
  • Works with the rest of the crew in production to prepare the show for the touring season
  • On site, manages setup of equipment/staging and serves as assistant sound engineer

What kind of show is this from a stage management perspective?

  • Stage Manager determines how the show will work in each specific venue
  • Fast-paced nature requires the SM to think quickly and deal with any situation that may arise, including amplified sound and safety issues

What are some qualifications/experiences the Singers are looking for from a Stage Manager?

  • Stage management experience, is a definite plus but not absolutely necessary
  • Good problem solving skills that enjoys working in a team situation
"One of my passions in high school was theatre, but as an incoming freshman engineering student I knew that my chances to be involved in theatre at the University level were slim. Singers offered me that chance even though it wasn't my major, and broadened my experience in a way I never thought possible. Not only have I learned more about lighting and sound but also about business management and communication skills. I realize now that my four years in Singers actually prepared me for a career in theater if I want to head in a entirely different direction."

-Andy Holstein

Grad Student

Civil Engineering

Wisconsin Singers Alum

Wisconsin Singers Radio