Adam J


Major: Neurobiology

Hometown: Mukwonago, WI

High School: Mukwonago High School

Size of Graduating Class: 400

Sports/Clubs/Orgs Adam Participated in: Jazz 1 and 2 ensembles, marching band, choir combo, solo and ensemble (soloist/accompanist), pit orchestra pianist (school musical), Link Crew, track

Awards Received: AP Honors (5 or more AP test scores of a 3+), Louis Armstrong award (jazz band), Student Athlete recognition

Why Adam Chose His Major: "My senior year I was exposed to a lot of new and exciting concepts relating to psychology and the how the brain functions (through AP Biology and AP Psychology), and the major I am interested in combines both. "

Favorite Things: "Playing classical music, going to baseball games, and traveling with my family."

Dislikes: Long car rides, humid weather, and calculus.

Favorite Place In Adam's Home-State: Miller Park

Favorite Place on Campus: Anywhere along State Street

One Word That Describes Adam's Personality: Inclusive

Favorite Color: Blue

When Adam was a kid, he wanted to be a: Musician

Favorite Music Groups/Acts: Classical music of the romantic era, Snarky Puppy, Radiohead

If Adam had a free night to do whatever he wanted, he would: "Spend it with a small group of friends hanging out somewhere quiet."

Hero/Heroine: "My third grade teacher Mr. Steib, because he made the biggest impact on my ability to succeed in school and be a well-rounded individual outside the classroom."

Goals as a Wisconsin Singer: Better myself as a musician, make an impact within the program to the best of my ability, and meet a lot of new people.