Benji H


Major: Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

Hometown: Eagan, MN

High School: Eagan High School

Size of Graduating Class: 550

Sports/Clubs/Orgs Benji Participated in: Ultimate Frisbee, Speech Team, NHS, 11 Theater Productions, Link Crew

Awards Received: AP Scholar, Spotlight Triple Threat Top 24, Top 10%, Dean's list

Why Benji Chose His Major: "I have always been good at math and very interested in chemistry! I found out after that it pays very well too!"

Favorite Things: Sorry to all you packers fans but the Vikings! (At least it's not the Bears) Musicals, Root Beer, Pasta, most other food, being outside and so much more!

Dislikes: Bees... Country Music... Pickles...

Favorite Place In Benji's Home-State: The North Shore

Favorite Place on Campus: Either the Terrace or The Infamous Hoyt House Pool!

One Word That Describes Benji's Personality: Sarcastic!

Favorite Color: Blue

When Benji was a kid, he wanted to be a: NFL Running Back (Did not pan out)

Favorite Music Groups/Acts: Mumford and Sons, The Script, Queen, Dear Evan Hansen, Next to Normal

If Benji had a free night to do whatever he wanted, he would: Spend time with friends and just relax!

Hero/Heroine: "My Brother, He is an amazing person and has made some difficult and impressive choices in his life. As a nuclear engineer in the Navy he has just set a pretty good example for me."

Goals as a Wisconsin Singer: "Expand my relationships with people and expand my ability as a leader and performer."