10 Audition Tips

Now that we’ve convinced you to audition for Singers, it’s time for you to start preparing! No matter what you are auditioning for, auditions can be very intimidating and it can be difficult to know what to expect. Today, Singers’ Artistic Consultant/Choreographer Michael Stanek is sharing 10 tips that are useful for any audition!

  1. Be prepared! This seems really obvious, but make sure that you know what’s expected of you. Show up early and be prepared to sing straight away.
  2. Always give yourself plenty of time to learn your audition material. Rehearse with a pianist and don’t solely rely on learning from a recording since that version may be considerably different from the sheet music you have. Never audition without the music! If you make a mistake while singing, do not stop! An audition is like a performance; just keep going and do not let your face or body language reveal the fact that you’ve made a mistake. Oh, and never glare at the pianist!
  3. Never sing a Capella. Don’t choose a song that’s notoriously difficult for a pianist to play. Know your lyrics and your music; do not hold a cheat sheet or the sheet music, and don’t look over the pianist’s shoulder. Although this may seem obvious, choose a song that suits you. Many singers do not.
  4. Have properly prepared sheet music. Make sure it’s written out in the right key, and that any tempo changes, and change in musical directions are all clearly marked. Never give a pianist sheet music in the form of a music book. That makes it too difficult to turn the pages. Make a photocopy of your song, and tape the edges together accordion fashion. When you hand the pianist your music, make sure you smile and say hello. Give them a good idea of the tempo by singing a few bars quietly for them. If there are tempo changes or the like, point them out.
  5. Enter the audition with confidence – first impressions are key here. Keep good posture and walk with confidence, even if you’re terrified!
  6. Don’t apologize. Not for any reason. Make no excuses. Always be professional.
  7. Dress for an audition in a smart/casual way. Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes, or something that’s too tight. Don’t come in costume and don’t reveal too much! If you’re called back, wear the same outfit you wore the first day, and wear your hair and makeup the same way too. They liked what they saw…so don’t change it! In a large audition, wearing the same outfit also makes it easier for the panel to remember you.
  8. Be friendly, but don’t be overly talkative. Smile and be personable.
  9. Never snap your fingers or clap your hands at the pianist. Even if you’re just trying to help them with the tempo. Keep your hands out of your pockets.
  10. Good luck! The more you can audition the easier it gets.

For more information, tips, and FAQ’s on auditions, look here. And don’t hesitate to reach out with additional questions! Remember, we want you to succeed at your audition!