Caitlin B

Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders with Certificate in Education/Educational Services 

Nicknames: Hot pink; Caitlion

Hometown: West Bend, WI

High School: West Bend West High School

Size of Graduating Class: 600

Sports/Clubs/Orgs Caitlin Participated in: School Musicals, National Honors Society, Madrigal Dinner, Madrigal Singers, Varsity Dance Team, Solo and Ensemble, Concert Choir, Vivace (Barbershop/Swing Choir)

Awards Received: Graduated H.S. with High Honors, AP Scholar with Distinction, West Bend Lions Club Lioness of the Month, Exemplary Soloist award at State Solo and Ensemble

Why Caitlin Chose Her Major: "Anyone who knows me knows that talking and singing (loudly, I might add) are my two favorite things to do, so studying the human voice mechanisms and the way that language develops is the most interesting thing ever, it was a perfect fit! "

Favorite Things: Matthew Gray Gubler, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Diet Coke, grand iced vanilla lattes, seafood, watching movies/TV with subtitles, talking, my dog, chocolate, onion

Dislikes: Bees, dinosaurs, skim milk, country music, loud chewing, tomatoes, spicy food 

Favorite Place In Caitlin's Home-State: "My Grandparents' cabin in St. Germain, WI, where I am able to eat as much cheddar cheese and summer sausage as I want, and not feel bad about it."

Favorite Place on Campus: Memorial Terrace

One Word That Describes Caitlin's Personality: Extra

Favorite Color: Turquiose

When Caitlin was a kid, she wanted to be a: FBI Agent

Favorite Music Groups/Acts: Christina Perri, Imagine Dragons, Young the Giant, Flume, The 1975, Jonas Brothers (especially Joe)

If Caitlin had a free night to do whatever she wanted, she would: "Go to London and enjoy dinner in the Great Hall of Hogwarts with the whole cast of Harry Potter. "

Hero/Heroine: "My Mom - She has always been there to support and care for me, and has always pushed me to do my best. All while still keeping my interests in mind, and never making me do anything that I don't want to do. "

Goals as a Wisconsin Singer: "Help high school students around the state build the confidence they all have within themselves to become the best performer and citizen of the world that they possibly can be!"