Devang B 18

Devang B

Administrative Assistant
Major: Industrial Engineering

Hometown: Pune, Maharashtra, India

High School: Mahindra United World College of India

Size of Graduating Class: 120

Sports/Clubs/Orgs Devang Participated in: College Assemble, Urdu Club, Lepidoptera Club, Tabla Club, and Theatre.

Awards Received: I received Highest Honors for 2 of my 4 years in High School and was on the Dean's List for both semesters of my Freshman year.

Why Devang Chose His Major: "I chose industrial engineering because it is a discipline through which any system can be made more efficient. This focus on efficiency makes the knowledge gained in the field of IE applicable to a vast number of fields of work."

Favorite Things: I love playing the drums, listening to music, sketching and exercising.

Dislikes: Not having anything to do (feeling unproductive) and the moment my bluetooth earphones run out of battery. I also have an aversion towards most cats.

Favorite Place In Devang's Home-State: My favorite place in my home state of Uttar Pradesh, India is Dastarkhwaan, a restaurant that serves authentic Mughlai food.

Favorite Place on Campus: Anywhere on State Street

One Word That Describes Devang's Personality: Conscientious

Favorite Color: Black

When Devang was a kid, he wanted to be a: Pilot

Favorite Music Groups/Acts: I love listening to Frank Ocean's music because he has the ability to bring out a wide range of emotions in his listeners within the span of 3-4 minutes.

If Devang had a free night to do whatever he wanted, he would: I would spend it eating Indian food and drinking with my friends and family.

Hero/Heroine: "My father because I've grown up seeing him working extremely hard to provide us with everything we currently have."

Goals as a Wisconsin Singer: To assist the troupe and Georgi in achieving all of the goals they've set for themselves in a timely manner.