Emily Q

Singer/Dancer; Dance Captain

Major: Molecular Biology

Hometown: Tomah, WI

High School: Tomah High School 

Size of Graduating Class: 199

Sports/Clubs/Orgs Emily Participated in: Madtappers, Tomah limited edition show choir, spring musicals, dance, NHS

Awards Received: Graduated with high honors, top 10%, science student of the year finalist, music student of the year honorable mention, state solo and ensemble exemplary soloist, NHS

Why Emily Chose Her Major: "I have had many experiences outside of the traditional classroom that have given me a chance to see what science can actually do. I enjoy understanding how the smallest things in our bodies work and want to be a part of studying it further."

Favorite Things: Performing, cats, singing, dancing, playing the piano, making and eating guacamole, sushi, and being outside.

Dislikes: Mouth sounds and people who chew with their mouth open, bacon, and large moths

Favorite Place In Emily's Home-State: The family lake house 

Favorite Place on Campus: Memorial Union

One Word That Describes Emily's Personality: Understanding

Favorite Color: Blue

When Emily was a kid, she wanted to be a: Astronaut 

Favorite Music Groups/Acts: "I listen to pretty much everything, but anything Broadway is my favorite. "

If Emily had a free night to do whatever she wanted, she would: "I would spend it outside by a fire "

Hero/Heroine: "My mom because she has always been my biggest supporter with everything I have done throughout the years. She always knows what to say and how to handle any situation that comes at me. "

Goals as a Wisconsin Singer: "My goals as a Wisconsin Singer are to entertain any audience we perform for and to grow individually as a performer. Also to hold true to becoming an ambassador of goodwill for Madison. "