About Friends of Wisconsin Singers, Inc. 

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The Friends of Wisconsin Singers, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt, educational organization that was created in August, 1997 to support the mission and vision of the Wisconsin Singers.


The Friends of the Wisconsin Singers exists to support the mission and vision of the Wisconsin Singers program by facilitating the financial and philosophical means to provide training in leadership, communication skills, and relationship/teamwork building.

 Participating Wisconsin Singers students are encouraged to make a greater positive impact on the world as each graduated participant moves on to their calling in life, using the educational and experiential learning provided through Wisconsin Singers.

The independent, all-volunteer board plans, coordinates and executes complete annual budgeting, financial planning, accounting, auditing, guidance, and full financial support in coordination with the Wisconsin Singers program teaching staff.  

Friends of Wisconsin Singers volunteers also provide their time, talent and treasure to help the program carry out its mission to provide quality music and performance education, leadership training and guidance in communication skills as well as relationship and team building experience.

As part of its own mission, Friends of the Wisconsin Singers, Inc. board members subscribe to these core values:

Personal Integrity     Accountability        Leadership        Professionalism       Stewardship        Service

Friends of Wisconsin Singers - 2018-2019 Annual Campaign!

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 Warm Wisconsin Singers Welcome from Alexandra Opitz


President of Friends of The Wisconsin Singers, Inc.

Greetings from the Friends of Wisconsin Singers, Inc., the nonprofit support group for the Wisconsin Singers.  My name is Alex Opitz and I serve as the volunteer Board President of the Friends of Wisconsin Singers, Inc.

 Did you know that the Wisconsin Singers troupe has served as “Official Ambassadors of Goodwill” for the University of Wisconsin-Madison for the past fifty years and continues to do so today?  

They do this as student-volunteers who invest hundreds of hours each year travelling and performing while maintaining fulltime academic schedules and an average GPA of 3.7!  Over the past fifty years, the Wisconsin Singers have raised millions of dollars for local school music programs and community organizations as well as for UW-Madison Alumni Chapters throughout the United States.  They also develop critical leadership and communication skills themselves by working with thousands of aspiring and talented youth musicians in free workshops that they design and conduct before many of their public concerts.

Like all non-profit educational groups, the Wisconsin Singers faces challenges. We hope that you will consider joining with us in support of this amazing program that shaped my own life in many important ways.  Thank you in advance for considering how you can partner with us to support of the Wisconsin Singers.  Your gift—of any amount—is important.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at execboard@wisconsinsingers.com if you have any questions.

On Wisconsin! … and … On Wisconsin Singers!