Interviewing Tips
Tips for an Effective and Stress-Free Media Interview

Prepare for the interview  What's your message?

  • If possible, listen or watch the program in which your interview will appear. This will help you get a feel for what kind of questions you might be asked.
  • Know your audience and connect them to the show content and purpose.
  • Look at the Quick Facts document on our website and draw out a couple of points that speak to your family-oriented audience.
  • Include a reference to your guest group, i.e. "We're excited that the Onalaska Show Choir will open the show for us."
  • Connect your interview to why you are raising funds through this show, i.e. "All of the profits will go to helping our Music Program travel to Florida this spring to share their talents at Disney World."
  • It's OK to have a cheat sheet in your hands as you interview with bullet points!

give credit to your sponsors

  • If you have a local underwriter or sponsor, be sure to mention their support, i.e. "Wausau Insurance is helping us bring the Wisconsin Singers to Wausau."

state the important facts first, include ticket info, and close with positive and exciting adjectives

  • Always state the date and time of the event first along with a short descriptive to hook your audience...great entertainment for the entire family!
  • Tell your audience where to get tickets - include website info if you have one.
  • Close with how much fun the show will be for everyone.