Jordan H

PR Intern

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Hudson, WI

High School: Hudson High School

Size of Graduating Class: 416

Sports/Clubs/Orgs Jordan Participated in: Varsity basketball, varsity track, volleyball, musicals/plays, chamber and swing choir, Peer Helpers

Awards Received: National Honors Society, Scholar Athlete Award

Why Jordan Chose Her Major: "I want a job that is different each day where I can use my imagination and the journalism track can get me there."

Favorite Things: Ice cream, shooting hoops in the rain, singing in the shower, and making others smile.

Dislikes: "I hate squash, when people smack their gum, and when you open the door for someone and they don't say 'thank you'. Drives me bonkers."

Favorite Place In Jordan's Home-State: Sitting under the waterfall at Willow River State Park.

Favorite Place on Campus: Memorial Terrace

One Word That Describes Jordan's Personality: Bubbly

Favorite Color: Caribbean blue

When Jordan was a kid, she wanted to be a: "movie star, of course"

Favorite Music Groups/Acts: Frank Ocean, Journey, The Chainsmokers, Miley Cyrus

If Jordan had a free night to do whatever she wanted, she would: "All of my friends live far away so I would love to have a night where every single one of them could come over and hang out because I miss them."

Hero/Heroine: "My hero is my little sister. She is 17 years old and has gone through a lot of drama in short life. She is so strong, positive and supportive. She's my best friend and I wouldn't have made it through half of the tough times I've gone through without her."

Goals as a Wisconsin Singer: "To be the best PR I can be."