Lucas R

Project Manager

Major: Business / Music

Hometown: Wausau, WI

High School: Wausau East High School

Size of Graduating Class: ~270

Sports/Clubs/Orgs Lucas Participated in: Tennis (highschool) Cross Country (highschool) DECA (highschool) Piano (Wausau Conservatory of Music)

Awards Received: academic honor role, National Honor Society, various varsity sporting awards

Why Lucas Chose His Major: "I love music, as a pianist of 15 years I would like to incorporate music into a future career. Likewise, I enjoy people and building new relationships in a business-like setting. I would like to work in a career relating to the music industry in the future with my pursued major."

Favorite Things: musicians (particularly street performing or busking), tennis, beaches, piano, skiing

Dislikes: "People who are condescending or pessimistic"

Favorite Place In Lucas's Home-State: My home town of Wausau

Favorite Place on Campus: Memorial Terrace

One Word That Describes Lucas's Personality: optimistic

Favorite Color: maroon

When Lucas was a kid, he wanted to be a: "To be honest, I really can't remember"

Favorite Music Groups/Acts: Some favorite bands include: The Lumineers, Oasis, Death Cab for Cutie, Mumford and Sons Some favorite genres include: pop, alternative, classical, R&B

If Lucas had a free night to do whatever he wanted, he would: "All of my friends live far away so I would love to have a night where every single one of them could come over and hang out because I miss them."

Hero/Heroine: "Can't think of one at the moment, I'm afraid"

Goals as a Wisconsin Singer: "As a member of the business team, I would like to improve my skills as a leader and better understand the Wisconsin Singers program as a whole; moreover, I would like to build relationships with this program and my co-workers that will benefit me in the future."