Margaret P


Major: Psychology

Nickname: Mars

Hometown: Menomonee Falls, WI

High School:  Menomonee Falls High School

Size of Graduating Class: 327

Sports/Clubs/Orgs Margaret Participated in: MFHS Theatre Department, Asian Culture Club, Yearbook, NHS, Master Singer Choir, Waukesha Civic Theatre, Falls Patio Players, Theatre Independent Study

Awards Received: Honor Roll 4 years, National Honors Society, Evening of Stars Winner

Why Margaret Chose Her Major: "I am constantly fascinated by the way people think and act. I have had many friends who have struggled with mental illnesses, and have always found myself drawn to helping them. I want to learn how to help and understand people with mental illnesses on a professional level."

Favorite Things: Fireworks, guitars, jazz, my puppy, pretzels, psychological thrillers, Pixar movies, pistachio ice cream

Dislikes: hypocrisy, poor time management, butterscotch, leggings, Six Flags

Favorite Place In Margaret's Home-State: Milwaukee Public Market

Favorite Place on Campus: Art Museum

One Word That Describes Margaret's Personality: Optimistic

Favorite Color: Orange

When Margaret was a kid, she wanted to be an: Author

Favorite Music Groups/Acts: Panic! at the Disco, Oh Hello on Broadway, John Mulaney, the Jackson 5, any swing/jazz music

If Margaret had a free night to do whatever she wanted, she would: "Spend time out with my friends in Milwaukee, see a show and eat food by the river"

Hero/Heroine: "Stephanie J. Block because she is a devoted mother and wife while performing on Broadway. She is hilarious, charismatic, adored by all her friends, and manages to work her beliefs on equality and justice into her every day life without being preachy. She is a well rounded, talented, loving woman who has my dream life."

Goals as a Wisconsin Singer: "To challenge myself as a performer, to continue performing at a higher level than I know, and to inspire the next generation of Singers the way this group did for me."