Media Resources for Wisconsin Singers Show Events

Quick Facts

Facts about Wisconsin Singers organization and this year's show. Download here.

Song List

A complete list of songs from this year's show, "Can't Stop Dancin'!" Download here.  

Why is a Singers show newsworthy?

  • Celebrating its 50th anniversary, this is Singers’ most exciting season yet, This year's show features captivating vocals, stunning choreography, big band sound and Badger spirit performed by UW Madison's most talented students.
  • Can’t Stop Dancin’! is an up-beat, entertaining show that highlights the best of American pop music from the past five decades.
  • From Aretha Franklin to Duke Ellington, KISS to Elton John, Pentatonix to Taylor Swift and Moana  to Hairspray, Can't Stop Dancin' promises entertainment for music lovers of any genre or generation.

News Story Ideas

  • UW’s most talented students, Wisconsin Singers, celebrate their 50th season with Can't Stop Dancin'! in [location]
  • Wisconsin Singers students don’t spend their Sundays studying or playing video games in their dorms – they rehearse for their upcoming performances around the state and nation as UW's "Official Ambassadors of Goodwill".
  • (If there are local guest choirs/bands performing) Local high school/junior high show choirs share the stage with Wisconsin Singers, UW-Madison’s Broadway-caliber entertainment troupe.
  • As the first collegiate pop music performing group in the nation, Wisconsin Singers has trained over 1000 students in the art of American Popular music performance.
  • Wisconsin Singers is not just a performing troupe from UW- students are involved in every aspect of this non profit entertainment company. 
  • As one of only three organizations sponsored by the Center for Leadership and Involvement on the UW Campus, out of more than 1,000, Singers is a renowned example of the Wisconsin Idea.

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