Media 101
Making the Most of Your Media Efforts

Personalize your media packets

  • Address your media packet to a specific and appropriate person. Do not use “To Whom This May Concern” or any other general title.
  • Reword the press release to illustrate your specific community and show details in order to make it unique and seem less pre-packaged.
  • Take advantage of the hometown press releases the Wisconsin Singers provide to highlight the students in your specific area, creating a personal and local aspect of the story.

Get your press release to the appropriate editor

  • Make sure the entertainment, art or possibly local editor gets your media packet.
  • This gets your information to the correct person immediately, makes it more likely to be covered, makes it less work for a general editor and decreases the chances of being lost or ignored.

Ask about event calendars

  • Some media outlets have community/event calendars, call to ask if you can get the Wisconsin Singers show listed on it.
  • This is an effective and often free way to promote the show.

Ask about community feature stories

  • A media outlet that serves a large area likes to cover stories about smaller surrounding communities to better serve their audience – Use this to your advantage and pitch your story about the show accordingly.
  • Some media outlets do on-camera interview features about fun, upcoming events in the community. Explore this opportunity.

Make yourself available

  • Provide several phone numbers where you may be easily reached for further questions and information.
  • The easier it is to contact you, the more likely a reporter will follow up.

See the interview tips for suggestions