Attn: alumni, parents! Help us tell our story! as a part of our iStudio project!

If we live for another 50 years, we cannot begin to tell all the stories we know about the first 50 years of the Wisconsin Singers!  So we want to learn your story—today

 Why? Because storytelling is so vital to our culture, our mission, and our immediate need to raise awareness and funds so that we can sustain the organization and become a truly valued “100-year-old” institution—worthy of the ongoing support of others. 

 Friends of Wisconsin Singers, Inc., the nonprofit 501(c)(3) sponsor of Wisconsin Singers, introduces the “Wisconsin Singers iStudio Project to collect video stories from former and current Wisconsin Singers that dramatically highlights what being a troupe member has meant to you—personally and professionally. 

 The goal is for each of you to be part of the “StoryCorps” of the Singers; to become the oral historians of our organization, and to help preserve the colorful history of the troupe. 


 Here’s a checklist of what to do for your iStudio video:

 ¨ Write a brief outline of your “memory” or “impact” story

¨ Get out your smartphone and find a quiet place to make your video

¨ Pay attention to the background. You want to be the center of attention.

¨ Check that the lighting is bright, balanced, and natural.

¨ Do a test video to ensure your message and voice are clear and that there is no background noise.

¨ Frame the upper half of your body only and check the focus!

¨ Videos should be no longer than 5 minutes. 

¨ We’ll do any editing required.

¨ Hit record and have fun!

¨ Create a new video segment for each topic you want us to have.

¨ Submit as many individual “segments” as you wish.  

 There is no limit to the number of topics you may cover!


Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Pick a topic that relates to something that you’ve personally experienced and that made a lasting impression on you.

  • Choose a topic that may also illustrate a guiding Singers program principle and make that connection in your video.

  • Do you have a workshop, clinic, or performance “moment” that you think is humorous, tugs at the heartstrings, is unique, compelling, and worth sharing with generations to come?

  • Who in the troupe has made a lasting impression on you?

  • How did your Singers’ experience impact your social, personal, work, relationship, or career choices or life experiences in a way that no other UW experience has?


    May 1, 2019

  • For a full explanation of this project, click here.

     By Internet: Click this link

     Or: Cut and paste the following link text into your browser:

     You’ll then be asked to fill out a brief form and use the upload button to send your video to us.

     REMEMBER: Have fun, make a ton of videos, and send as many stories as you wish! Your deadline is still…

     May 1, 2019