Olivia H

PR Intern

Major: Journalism & Mass Communication and Creative Writing

Hometown: La Farge, Wisconsin

High School: La Farge High

Size of Graduating Class: 14

Sports/Clubs/Orgs Olivia Participated in: Softball, volleyball, basketball, track, forensics, drama, band, art club, creative writing club, math team, L-Club, FFA, and National Honor Society, and class president

Awards Received: Salutatorian and Driftless Area Communications Arts Scholarships Recipient 

Why Olivia Chose Her Major: "I have always had a passion for writing and grew up wanting to use it to help change the world. With my two majors I'll be able to do that through writing about social justice issues and important matters, helping people across the world in different platforms. "

Favorite Things: "Writing (obviously!), reading, crafting, eating, baking, jazz music, hiking, stargazing, drinking coffee, planting/enjoying flowers!, watching crime shows, reading the news, tweeting at Donald J. Trump, rainy days, snow, fall, sunny days (basically all the weather), memes, Spongebob, and just being outside "

Dislikes: Lukewarm coffee, when people show me videos on their phone (I've already seen it, I guarantee it), dry skin, disrespecting women 

Favorite Place In Olivia's Home-State: The Kickapoo Valley Reserve right in the backyard of my hometown! 

Favorite Place on Campus: Memorial Union or any of the campus gardens! 

One Word That Describes Olivia's Personality: Vivacious 

Favorite Color: Lavendar

When Olivia was a kid, she wanted to be an: Author

Favorite Music Groups/Acts: Basically anything I can sing and dance to (even though I'm bad at both). Some of my favs: The Head and the Heart, Chance the Rapper, Grouplove, JR JR, Cage the Elephant, <3 Bruno Mars <3, The Lumineers.

If Olivia had a free night to do whatever she wanted, she would: "Throw a ball in the Capitol for all my friends, and at midnight go to the top and look at the stars (there'd be no light pollution), and watch an old film and eat a ton of sweets"

Hero/Heroine: "My mom! She's been through way too much, and she still has the capacity to love fiercely. It keeps me going every day.  "

Goals as a Wisconsin Singer: "Polish out our social media platforms, sell out both On Campus shows, and make the 50th year one of the best yet. "