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Wisconsin Singers

Wisconsin Singers

The Wisconsin Singers was founded in 1967 by Arlie Mucks Jr. and named to serve as " Official Ambassador of Goodwill" for the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Over the last 50 years, the Singers has evolved into a non-profit professional entertainment company, focused on Broadway-caliber productions, hands-on educational opportunities, and community service.

As a financially independent non-profit organization that receives no funding from the UW or any governmental agency, the Singers is one of only three student organizations, out of more that 1,000, that is sponsored by the Center for Leadership & Involvement. Students handle many of the elements of production, from marketing to management and touring logistics, working alongside music professionals who arrange, choreograph and rehearse the 90 minute revue-style show featuring the most talented singers, dancers and instrumentalists from the UW campus.

Wisconsin Singers takes great pride in training UW students in entertainment management and the art of American popular music, while ensuring that our concert sponsors and audiences are always treated to a professional quality music event. This programmatic structure is unique amongst our collegiate peers and truly marks the Wisconsin Singers as the best collegiate performing group in America!

Our founder, Arlie Mucks. Jr.,  taught us years ago that it is great to be a Badger but that with that affiliation comes a responsibility to use our time and talents in the service of others. Over the past fifty years, Singers has helped music boosters, service organizations and alumni chapters raise more than a million dollars for their own community initiatives. We hold true to this commitment to this day, and are excited as we plan for the future.

Core Values

Wisconsin Singers Band

Wisconsin Singers Band

Professionalism: Broadway-caliber performances, professional working relationships
Education: Continuous growth in a real-world setting
Accountability: Ownership over both our successes and our shortcomings
Family: Lifelong friendships and deep caring and compassion for each other
Service: We work to meet the changing needs of our students, the campus, and our sponsors while remaining respectful of our long history and traditions.
Enjoyment: A fun and exciting experience doing what we love.

Friends of Wisconsin Singers Executive Board

Alexandra Opitz: President
Tara Martino: Vice-President
Brad Umhoefer: Secretary
Chris Novotny: Treasurer
Carissa Cole Coorough: Member at Large
Kay Gruling: Member at Large              Jon Hanson: Member at Large
Abby Kennison: Member at Large
Tara Martino: Member at Large    Aaron Mleziva: Student Liaison
Judy Novotny: Member at Large
TJ Sargent: CfLI Liaison                   Robin Whitty Novotny: Director Emerita                                                   

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