Alumni Spotlight

Phil Feigin and Fellow Wisconsin Singers Featured on the Arthur Godfrey Show!


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Phil attended UW-Madison from 1967 through 1971, graduating with a degree in American History. He joined the Wisconsin Singers during his junior year. We recently met up with him during the festivities of the Singers' 50th Anniversary celebration.

Following his years as a Badger, Phil attended law school at Pepperdine University. This allowed him to become a state securities regulator throughout the 1980s and '90s. Meanwhile, he also climbed to the level of Colorado Securities

Commissioner and Executive Director of the North American Securities Administrators Association. Phil moved to a new position as a senior partner for Lewis Roca Rothberger Christie LLP in 2000, where he stayed until he retired in February of 2018

Phil has fond memories of his time as a Wisconsin Singer. Early on in the Wisconsin Singers' history, performers were encouraged to perform in smaller groups for shows that were too small for the full group. Phil, Candace Kreitlow, Jane Dziondziak and Michael Hirschberg were "on the way back from performing (in our Singers outfits), when we happened upon an audition for some TV show in a room at the Union," he recalls. "We sang 'Hurry Sundown' off of Peter, Paul and Mary's album. Months later, we received notice that we had been selected to appear on the Arthur Godfrey All-American Talent Show in Hollywood, and that we'd be flown there, all expenses paid, just after Christmas."

The reality of this opportunity didn't truly settle in until the group finally got to California. "It was not until we got on the plane to LAX, were picked up in a van and driven to the Sheraton Universal Hotel that we believed this was not someone's cruel hoax."

Once they arrived on set, Phil remembers experiencing a whole new musical atmosphere from that of a Singers rehearsal. "They really jazzed up the accompaniment with trumpets to back up our version. They made Michael 'play' a bass fiddle to give him something more to do than sing harmony."

This performance opened up a one-of-a-kind experience for the group of early Wisconsin Singers. Once they returned to Madison, they drove down to Lake Geneva to watch the show at fellow Singer Maggie White's house on June 6, 1970. After that, the group even appeared in an issue of Teen Magazine. "I don't remember speaking with or posing for Teen Magazine," he said. "But we must have, given the...pages from the mag." They were featured in the magazine's April 1970 issue, wrapping up what would be one of the highlights of their performing careers.