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Dear Wisconsin Singers Sponsor,

We’re thrilled to have you as a sponsor of our nationally renowned performance troupe. We’re especially excited because this year is Wisconsin Singers’ 50th anniversary season – the best season yet!

You will find this year’s promotional materials on our website You will want to read the “How to Sponsor a Successful Show,” a great resource to help plan your Wisconsin Singer event, especially if you are a new sponsor. This guide contains everything from sample patron letters to timelines so that you can make YOUR show a profitable one.

Also on the website is a press release template and various press photos for your use. If one of our Wisconsin Singers is from your community we can also provide you with “hometown” press material. “Media 101” includes information to help secure a successful relationship with media outlets. “Interviewing Tips” gives you advice for your promotion discussions.  and the “Quick Facts” sheet is a bulleted and convenient guide about Wisconsin Singers to have with you when being interviewed.

There are several angles you may take when promoting your Wisconsin Singers show in newspaper advertisements and articles including:

1.      Outstanding family entertainment: Broadway-caliber revue staged by professional choreographers with music for audiences of all ages.

2.      Fundraising: Upcoming Wisconsin Singers show earns money for the community (i.e., music programs, scholarships, organizations), a tradition that has been happening for since 1967!

3.      Music from the past five decades: Wisconsin Singers’ Can’t Stop Dancin’! features song, dance and big band sound from the past 50 years of American popular music. Enjoy music by America’s pop icons like Taylor Swift and Michael Jackson to legendary artists Duke Ellington and Ray Charles.

We will be sending you 25 color posters with your specific concert information – if you need any more, please contact us directly.

Thank you for booking the Wisconsin Singers, and please do not hesitate to call or email if you have any questions!


Sophia Dramm and Olivia Herken

Public Relations Interns

Wisconsin Singers