Reid P


Major: Industrial & Systems Engineering; Economics

Hometown: Marathon, WI

High School: Marathon High School

Size of Graduating Class: 61

Sports/Clubs/Orgs Reid Participated in: Football, Track, Academic Decathlon, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, National Honor Society, FBLA, Forensics, SkillsUSA, Spanish Club, All State Vocal Jazz Honors Choir, UW-Marathon County High School Honors Jazz Ensemble, Central Wisconsin Educational Theatrical Alliance, School Choir

Awards Received: Herb Kohl Excellence Scholar, Academic Decathlon State Championship Team Member, National Honor Society, State Solo & Ensemble Exemplary Soloist

Why Reid Chose His Major: "I like people, and the concepts that come into play when people get involved in complex systems of technology, money, and other people are very intriguing to me. My majors allow me to investigate and improve these interactions that are usually taken for granted. "

Favorite Things: Singing, rain, coffee, watermelon, and naps

Dislikes: Spiders, onions, mushrooms, and the sound winter gloves make when you rub them together

Favorite Place In Reid's Home-State: "Hill of Beans Cafe near Timm's Hill"

Favorite Place on Campus: The Discovery Building 

One Word That Describes Reid's Personality: Passionate

Favorite Color: Gray

When Reid was a kid, he wanted to be an: Astronaut

Favorite Music Groups/Acts: "Frank Sinatra, the Tokens, the Drifters, John Batiste, Sam Smith, Stevie Wonder and many more"

If Reid had a free night to do whatever he wanted, he would: "Watch Netflix or read, or if I had some friends with the same free night we'd go do something together like laser tag. "

Hero/Heroine: "JK Rowling, she went through an incredibly difficult life and fought back to become one of the best selling authors of all time.  "

Goals as a Wisconsin Singer: "Improving my vocal acting and range, continuing to build on my dancing abilities, and inspiring audiences at each performance.