Singers Partnered Shows

Interested in a Singers event but looking for a partnership that will ease your concern about a first-year concert sponsorship?

If you have a motivated organization excited about what a Wisconsin Singers show can bring to your community, then a Singers Partnered Show (SPS) is designed just for you. With an SPShow, the Singers will team with your organization to schedule a concert event with Minimal Financial Risk. We simply ask our partnering group to provide active volunteers to help us with community promotions and school ticket sales and our student interns do the rest, including promotions, printing, layout and design and online ticket sales. The Singers will make a donation back to the partnering organization based on the number of tickets sold - it's a WIN-WIN and many of our SPS partners have gone on to book regular concert sponsorships once they realize how easy it is. Don't miss the great fundraising opportunity every Wisconsin Singers event offers.

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