Wisconsin Singers Technical Rider

Updated: 9/16/2016

Contact Information

Wisconsin Singers:

1320 Humanities Building
455 North Park Street
Madison, WI 53706

Telephone: 608.263.9499 (campus office)
Cell: 608.609.1303


Georgi Edgington
Office: 608.263.9499 
Mobile: 608.609.1303

Production Manager

Carter Krzyzaniak
Mobile: 920.838.4581


WISCONSIN SINGERS travels with a Sound Engineer, Stage Manager, Lighting Designer, 17 Singers/Dancers, and 9 Band Members.

 1. WISCONSIN SINGERS agrees to provide, at its own expense, the following:

  • Costumes and Properties.
  • Audio Equipment, except when venue requirements exceed WISCONSIN SINGERS audio system capabilities.
  • Light plot and specific technical requirements a minimum of two (2) weeks in advance of performance if requested by theater.
  • Programs for the performance.

2. SPONSOR agrees to provide, at its own expense, the following:

  • Printing and distribution of all tickets for the performance.
  • Transportation to and from the performance site.
  • All front-of-house staff including box office personnel, ticket takers, ushers, security, custodial and other personnel as necessary for the performance.
  • Lighting equipment, stage and electrical power. Detailed requirements will follow.
  • One or two 6-foot (or longer) table in the lobby of the theater for sale of WISCONSIN SINGERS merchandise and WISCONSIN SINGERS promotional materials.

3. FACILITIES REQUIREMENTS - SPONSOR agrees to provide, at its own expense, the following:

  • The SPONSOR agrees to provide a theater or other performance space, which is acceptable to WISCONSIN SINGERS. Unless otherwise arranged by WISCONSIN SINGERS, the stage or performance area shall be no less than 36’ feet wide between legs, and 34’ feet deep from plaster line to the last working line set. No crossover is required behind the last working line set.
  • The floor shall be of resilient material, preferably of sprung wood. The stage shall be cleared of nails, tacks, staples and other protrusions that may cause injury to dancers’ feet. Large cracks resulting from traps or other floor deviations shall be taped or repaired in such a way as to eliminate the possibility of floor injury prior to WISCONSIN SINGERS arrival.
  • The SPONSOR agrees to provide WISCONSIN SINGERS Production Manager with the following data at least two (2) weeks before the performance: theater ground plan, a list of operational lighting equipment & description of the lighting control system, and a general description of the theater – type, seating arrangement and capacity, stage floor conditions, etc.


  • WISCONSIN SINGERS DOES NOT CARRY A YELLOW CARD. IATSE stagehands are not required. If local rules specify their use, all necessary negotiations with the local IATSE rep and all expenses incurred remain solely between the SPONSOR and the local union and will not affect WISCONSIN SINGERS. SPONSOR agrees to pay for all local work permits, union fees, taxes and other local licenses that may be required for WISCONSIN SINGERS to carry out the performance activities covered by this agreement.
  • Technical Director: The SPONSOR agrees to provide an English speaking Technical Director with decision-making responsibility to be present, responsible to, and accessible for consultations with WISCONSIN SINGERS at all crew calls. The Technical Director shall provide access to any and all space and/or equipment to be used by WISCONSIN SINGERS.
  • All personnel must be thoroughly familiar with the equipment in the theater. It is essential that lights are pre-hung according to any lighting plots prior to WISCONSIN SINGERS arrival. Additional crew may be necessary if light hang is incomplete.
  • SPONSOR agrees to give WISCONSIN SINGERS uninterrupted access to the performance space 4 1/2 hours prior to Showtime with an additional hour for each guest group and guest clinic.
  • If any unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of WISCONSIN SINGERS cause a delay in the technical preparation of the show, the SPONSOR shall be responsible for the time, personnel and cost required to complete the technical preparation of the show.
  • Exact personnel requirements will be determined by the theater Technical Director such that all technical requirements of WISCONSIN SINGERS are met.
  • WISCONSIN SINGERS’ Technical Director will make all crew calls.


  • Four and one-half (4 ½) hours prior to show: Arrival to theater.
  • Two and one-quarter hours prior to show: WISCONSIN SINGERS meal.
  • Ninety (90) minutes prior to show: Performer warm-ups and finalization of technical aspects.
  • Thirty (30) minutes prior to show: House opens.
  • Ninety (90) minutes past Showtime (factor an additional 20 minutes for any opening/guest groups): Show ends. WISCONSIN SINGERS begin Strike.
  • One (1) hour past end of show: WISCONSIN SINGERS strike completed. WISCONSIN SINGERS departs.


  • SPONSOR must provide all equipment and power needed to execute WISCONSIN SINGERS lighting requirements.
  • SPONSOR will ensure that all the stage has a full and consistent wash of 36 feet wide and 34 foot depth, allowing for heighth of 24 inch risers and that this is in place prior to WISCONSIN SINGERS arrival.


  • SPONSOR agrees to provide full stage black masking: minimum three (3) sets of legs and borders, a full-stage white cyclorama and a main curtain.


  • WISCONSIN SINGERS travels with its own sound equipment. 
  • A Back/Middle-of-House mix location is required in the House seating area. A 6’ foot or longer table shall be provided at this location by the SPONSOR.
  • WISCONSIN SINGERS retains the right to have any Wireless Radio-Frequency equipment operated by the Performance Area deactivated in the event of interference.


  • Three (3) 20 amp Edison-style electrical outlets on separate circuits are required. These circuits are in addition to any lighting circuits necessary to fulfill WISCONSIN SINGERS lighting requirements.
  • These outlets must be located within 25’ feet of the stage perimeter.
  • All electrical outlets must be clearly labeled with the circuit to which they connect.
  • All electrical systems must meet all OSCHA electrical-code requirements.


  • WISCONSIN SINGERS relies on the theater’s intercom system for the communication between the WISCONSIN SINGERS’ Sound Engineer, Stage Manager, Lighting Designer, and any Spotlight Operators. 
  • This includes, but is not limited to, intercom stations at: Back-of-House mix location, Lighting Board or Booth, Curtain Pull and Spotlight Positions.


  • At least two (2) dressing rooms shall be provided, suitable for a total of 25 persons.
  • Dressing rooms shall be of a permanent type, be of sufficient and suitable dressing space and must be lockable. All dressing rooms shall be properly heated and cooled and have adequate lights, mirrors, shelves and table space.
  • Two (2) rooms, suitable for vocal and instrumental warm-ups and rehearsal for 16 persons are required.
  • All Rehearsal and Dressing rooms shall be properly heated and cooled.
  • All Rehearsal and Dressing rooms shall be properly masked from the view of the audience.
  • Separate toilet facilities for male and female members are required. These facilities must be near to the dressing rooms and made unavailable to the public. These facilities must provide hot and cold running water, sinks, soap, toilet tissue and paper towels.


  • The Sponsor shall provide for adequate insurance coverage including insurance against losses due to fire or theft and personal liability insurance covering the activities of the residency. The Sponsor agrees to indemnify and save harmless WISCONSIN SINGERS from all claims arising in any manner in connection with those performance(s) or other residency activities, except to the extent that such claims may be occasioned by the negligent act or acts of WISCONSIN SINGERS.


  • Parking convenient to the theater’s main loading area is required for one (1) fifty-five (55) foot motor coach OR one (1) fifteen (15) foot box truck and up to 10 passenger vehicles is required.
  • Routes from the parking area to the Theater must be well maintained and free of any obstructions. In the event of ice and/or snow, this area must be shoveled and salted prior to WISCONSIN SINGERS arrival.