Valerie O


Major: Biochemistry

Nickname(s): Val

Hometown: Watertown, WI

High School: Watertown High School

Size of Graduating Class: 300

Sports/Clubs/Orgs Val Participated in: Cross-Country, Track and Field, Fall Musicals, Carolers, Show Choir, Solo Ensemble (Exemplary Award for a Soprano Solo), NHS, Tri-M Music Honors Society Secretary, Model UN, Math Team, Academic Decathalon

Awards Received: Co-Valedictorian, Summa Cum Laude, College of Letters & Science Theodore Herfurth Scholarship Award

Why Val Chose Her Major: "I hope to go to medical school and become a pediatrician. I love helping others, and my Grandpa's successful career as a physician has inspired me to pursue a medical profession.  "

Favorite Things: "Otters, books with a great twist, playing piano, warm apple pie, musicals, Babcock ice cream, rainy days, spearmint gum, scary movies, the smell of pine trees, and my friends and family"

Dislikes: Mice, ignorance, not enough sleep, technology/social media

Favorite Place In Val's Home-State: Minocqua (looking out at the lake)

Favorite Place On-Campus: Memorial Terrace

One Word That Describes Val's Personality: Driven

Favorite Color: Purple

When Val was a kid, she wanted to be a: Ballerina

Favorite Music Groups/Acts: Everything! Classical music, Christian music/hymns, musical theater, pop (Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5), rock (Queen, Journey, The Beatles), alternative (Coldplay), and some country (Johnny Cash)

If Val had a free night to do whatever she wanted, she would: "Take a gondola ride through Venice, Italy "

Hero/Heroine: "My sister, Olivia - She is the most selfless, kind-hearted person I know, and she has always had my back. "

Goals as a Wisconsin Singer: "To become a more confident performer, encourage and make connections with the music students I work with, and have fun!