Zach S


Major: Education Studies & Mathematics

Hometown: Germantown, WI

High School: Germantown High School

Size of Graduating Class: 350

Sports/Clubs/Orgs Zach Participated in: Swimming, Student Council, NHS, FBLA, Marching Band, Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra (MYSO)

Awards Received: Valedictorian, Dean's List in College

Why Zach Chose His Major: "I want to be a high school math teacher, and have a strong foundation in both the math and the educational policy, so I decided to double major in both. My teachers have been integral to my growth and I hope to do the same for others."

Favorite Things: Hanging at the terrace with friends, watching movies, making music, Spaghetti

Dislikes: "People who act entitled to whatever they want when they drive."

Favorite Place In Zach's Home-State: "Up north at my cabin."

Favorite Place on Campus: The Terrace

One Word That Describes Zach's Personality: Positive

Favorite Color: Blue

When Zach was a kid, he wanted to be a: Marine Biologist

Favorite Music Groups/Acts: "I like a little bit of everything! I really like the artist Ben Rector, so sometimes I call him my favorite."

If Zach had a free night to do whatever he wanted, he would: "Get a group of friends together and hang out outside/play some cards/watch a movie with them."

Hero/Heroine: "Not one in particular, but the adults in my life, including my parents, relatives, and teachers have all guided me to who I am today!"

Goals as a Wisconsin Singer: "To help fuel a passion for music in students around the state and to grow as a fair and responsive leaders to my peers."